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Welcome to my website!

I am a certified yoga and Breathwork instructor. Fitness, Yoga and nutrition are my passion. My vision is to make the world a healthier and therefore happier place. My mission is to start with YOU!


My love for fitness started many years ago as I started to not only see but mainly feel the difference in a physical but also emotional and mental aspect. Movement of any kind is like therapy- but a fun one. Then about three years ago I found myself falling in love with yoga. I can truly say that yoga and meditation changed my life on all levels and I know it can change yours too.


I love to share everything that has helped me along my journey to become a better and more connected version of myself in the hopes that it may help you too. 


Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, adapt healthier habits or just getting in the habit of taking care of yourself,  I can help you.

A healthy body follows a healthy mind, therefore I don't only like to focus on transforming your physical body but also transform your life in all aspects - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.



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